Spotlight: Ashley Osborn


Ashley Osborn is a Los Angeles based professional photographer with a passion for music, documentary and lifestyle photography. She strives to capture the most genuine forms of emotion through various creative outlets.

First, tell us a little about yourself. What is your background, how long have you been a photographer, and what type of photography do you specialize in?

My name is Ashley Osborn! I am a Los Angeles based photographer. I focus on mostly music (press photos, behind the scenes, touring) and documentary photography. I have been a full time photographer since 2013!

Why did you get into photography, and what inspires you?

I am a very visual person and learner. Holding vintage photos my family took when I was a kid was when I think I fell in love with photography. I had such a fascination with images and photo books when I was younger because to me they were physical objects that represented places in time. Every photo I take is a real interaction or moment I experienced and to me that is so beautiful. As much as my job is about documenting other people, to me it is still documenting my own life as well.

I find most of my inspiration traveling and in nature and music.

Can you give us some insight into your shooting techniques when shooting film? What are the top 3 most important elements when you shoot film?

Definitely! I use a few different types of 35mm cameras. I think my first steps when determining what camera and film I use in that moment really come down to the feeling I am trying to capture, the lighting and the setting.

Why do you shoot film? Any advice to others interested in working with film?

Every day I get to look at new film scans is literally like Christmas all over again. It will never not be exciting to me! My biggest piece of advice would be to just DO IT. I was so hesitant to dive into the world of 35mm. I thought it was “too expensive and too risky”. I was completely wrong. I truly feel film is the most authentic way to capture somebody. It is a physical image. A physical piece of time (yes I say this a LOT but I mean it - haha). My favorite images from every shoot are always shot on 35mm because to me it just makes me feel something different. I really can not explain it.

I will say I started with small point and shoot 35mm cameras I found in thrift stores and on eBay! I would shoot a roll, get the scans back and critique each one - repeat cycle. Just start playing around have fun!

What are your biggest influences as a creative?

The people I meet and their energy, every single bit of nature, the places I get to experience, my 132 house plants, the creatives who have been vulnerable enough with me to have their photo taken and most importantly… music

Any recent photos, shoots, upcoming projects, or photography plans that you're excited about and would like to share with us?

I am heading back out on tour this fall which feels surreal to say after the last year and a half of being in my Los Angeles jungle apartment. I am working on my second zine - my first one ‘Moments In Between’ came out two years ago!

What’s your favorite photo or session you’ve ever taken on Fujifilm?

I had the honor of documenting Twenty One Pilots’ video for “Saturday” off of their latest album and I shot the entire three day shoot on Fujifilm film! We were in every type of climate (desert, ocean, indoor studio) and it was so insane. Fujifilm film captured every bit of the content flawlessly!