The Power of Print with PhotoVision

“Prints are the essence of photography,” Brian Wood shares, his passion for prints evident. The owner of PhotoVision, a professional photofinishing lab based in the Pacific Northwest, Brian had a vision for 2021: to give every single customer the experience of seeing their work in print, and he didn’t waste any time turning this vision a reality.

PhotoVision kicked off the New Year with their Power of Print campaign, providing a free set of proof prints on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Paper for every process & scan order that came through their doors during the months of January & February.

“Prints were the norm 20 years ago, not the screens we surround ourselves with today,” Brian explains. “We launched our Power of Print campaign as a way to give photographers a chance to experience how their images were meant to be celebrated – by holding them in their hands.”

Through this initiative, hundreds of thousands of prints were sent to photographers across the United States. “We had clients reach out to express their gratitude for their free prints,” Brian reported. “Many of them said they had never held their work in print before and shared how prints forced them to slow down and see their work in a new way.”

“Nothing compares to seeing your work in a physical, beautifully-printed photograph,” photographer Megan Kawahara shared after receiving her set of free prints. “These are heirlooms to be passed down and cherished for generations – not something that gets lost in the digital abyss.”

Many photographers echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of seeing their work in print and providing that experience to their clients. “Most people see imagery exclusively on screen. It’s rare to experience images in such a tactile and tangible form these days,” film photographer Erich McVey says. “Digging through a box full of prints truly makes the photo viewing experience just that – an experience.” Erich also emphasized the archival importance of printing his work, sharing, “Printing images gives them the best chance to live on for generations. Technology changes, hard drives and phones can fail, get lost, or become obsolete. By continuing to print my images for myself and my clients, I’m helping to ensure they’ll live on.”

Fellow PhotoVision client and print-lover Kate Hampson perhaps summed it up best: “Printed photos can be held close to your heart or tucked under your pillow, digital can’t do that.”

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